2.2: It’s hard to be a TH!

hello again! How's everyone doing? Here, I'm very happy to be back with the Kings! Last chapter Arryn took over as the heiress of the family. We moved to a new, bigger house on Newcrest, and got started on her aspiration and family goals by having her get married to Caden Wilde! I think it [...]

2.1 #RomanceIsDead

Hey hey everyone! And welcome to a very special chapter of the King ISBI! We're starting generation A today and I'm super excited to go in! So excited that this chapter was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but then I got distratect watching old movies lol The Craft, am I right? *heart eyes* So [...]

1.6 Wild toddlers and Thunderstorms

hello there! Time to go back into the fools territory! What? It's actually the Kings' territory? Well, they're honestly all fools too, so it sticks lol. So anyways, since we're supposed to ve home as mucho as possible right now (yay) I've had some extra time for videogames and that means updates! I'm probably gonna [...]

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