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Even if I said I was not going to start another challenge… Well, I’ve loved this one since I’ve known about it!

An ISBI, or I’m Surrounded By Idiots,it’s a legacy challenge in the sims where you can only control one sim for the entire of your generation! this sim has the title of «Torch Holder» or TH, and he must take care of everything in the house that needs to be tended while the rest of the family are left to their own devices, free to earn and lose you points as they wish. Once the chosen heir of the generation turns into a YA, the torch is passed down to them, and the previous TH becomes an uncontrolable!

There are a lot of rules that you can read HERE uf you feel like trying it yourself! If you want to see how it goes before trying, please take a sit, and prepare to enjoy the ride of the King family through many wins and fails!

Have fun!

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