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2.9: They’re all hot!

Hey there guys! We’re back for some more fun with the Kings!

I just realized after last time that we’re just like… two updates from the Heir poll now, and you guys know how much I love heir poll time, so that was a great motivation to keep playing with these guys, and so we now have a new update!

Last time, we won points and we lost points, as the life of an ISBI goes. We saw Brontë turn into a teen and Brighton joined his siblings as a child, saying finally goodbye to the toddler stage for this generation! Today, the plan is to finally complete some of Arryn’s goals, and see the twins celebrating their own teen birthdays! let’s jump into the game and start checking out on the family:

Caden start us today in a much better spot than last chapter: he’s napping so he doesn’t pass out and lose us more points. Thanks Caden.

Arryn just finished putting candles back on the cake after our last birthday, now we can use it again for the twins in a couple of days.

Brontë just discovered the house gym and she seems to like it~ good for her, I’m glad to see this place is getting more use.

For some reason Baxter and Beau were hanging out in the toddler bathroom. They are both very hungry so they’ll probably go to the kitchen now.

Brighton is just hanging out, still getting used to his new child status probably.

And Ducky is barking at the door because we have visits lol the real dog experience here.

And now, time to play~

This is where Arryn is currently on her job. I’m showing this picture because I’m confused. This shows her already at level 9 writting, which was strange because I remember her writting being a little lower than her painting…

And yep, it is by like half a point! Is this a bug? I mean, we don’t get points for TH maxing a job so it’s no big deal, but it’s so weird!

Instead of going for food, Baxter decided to go pick on his little brother for some reason. We get you’re uncomfortable, but insulting Brighton is not gonna feed you!

Also they’re hanging out in this bathroom again…

Aparently Bax only has something against his little brother though, he then went to have an amicable chat with his twin here. Beau is doing homework btw ❤ not sure why kids randomly decided to start doing it so diligently lately, but not complaining about it!

Now that we have no more toddlers around, Arryn can finally focus on finishing her generation goals. Time to paint until we can inmortalize her!

Speaking of painting, Brontë did this all on her own! Wow, I didn’t even had to trick her into skilling! And again, this wasn’t even a club thing!

I think the kids know that the heirpoll is getting close and want to stockpile as many points as they can for it.

Many projects were started this playsession… And none was completed, but hey, they’re trying!

Nightly jog with Ducky~ because we want to keep our doggy happy~

Man! I think this is the highest a kid in this generation has gotten their skills! Beau turns into a teen in like two days so no way they’re gonna max it, but I’m still impressed

This was almost a whole family picture! We’re just missing Brighton who went to bed early.

Anyways, remember what I said about completing Arryn’s goals today? Well, we’re taking a quick trip to Mt. Komorebi for one of those last three dates she needs.

Aaaand gold date! Just two more to go!

They both came home feeling extremelly flirty after all that, but sadly they were to tired to go on another right away…

…So instead of that, they just take a couple nap lol very deserved.

I still feel like Arryn’s energy feels up quicker with naps for her Dance machine trait, so after her little nap, she goes out to work on those final two boyfriends/girlfriends she needs. The park vendor is our first victim lol.

It was extremelly easy, probably due to Arryn’s maxed Charisma. 7 down, just 1 more to go!

Beau got an A!!! Look at how smug they look up there lol. +5!

Awwwwwn ❤ listen, other than the ridiculous toddler grudges, sentiments are honestly pretty cute.

Let’s try for that final girlfriend~ funfact: This lady is the wife of Valentin Metcalf, who is another one of Arryn’s boyfriends lol. ‘Keep it in the family’ moment.

We’re trying to get two birds with one stone and get another date under our belt. They make quite a cute duo honestly.

Everything was going smooth until I tried the First kiss… And Arryn got rejected! Yikes, must be the first time it happens lol.

And then I discovered that it was because Agatha Crumplebottom here randomly inserted herself into their conversation! Just look at how smug she looks that she ruined our moment! I expected it from your sister miss Crumplebottom!

In the end there was no kiss and no new girlfriend, but hey, we somehow got the gold date! So that’s still progress lol. Better head home and feed Arryn now, poor girl’s starving.

Saw this as soon as the lot loaded and felt a cold shiver down my spine lol.

And yeah… I was right -10

I gotta give a couple points to Brontë for sprinting into action inmediatly and getting rid of her own mess… But I’m still not impressed *sighs* I guess the Caden genes are strong lol I shouldn’t be surprised.

Arryn went to help Brontë with the fire while the twins ran outside to safety. Funnily enough just the two of them did it, Caden and Brighton were too busy sleeping lol.

Anyways, Arryn is now cooking a bunch of meals to see if that reduces the chances of the teens trying the grill because yes, I did get us another grill lol.

This specific gaming mat keeps breaking waaaay too much, and Caden keeps deciding to go fix it by himself. I’m impressed and also worried.

He even discovered that he likes Handiness… And listen, I usually don’t deny my sims their likes and dislikes, but I really, reaaaaally don’t want to encourage Caden to fix stuff as that can be dangerous, so just for this time I said no, I need to keep my idiots safe.

Random pic of Ducky being adorable ❤ i had been missing my sim doggies lately.

See? This is a boring passtime, but it’s a lote safer than handiness, so I’m ok if Caden wants to like Videogames lol.

Also videogames are awesome, so I’d get it.

Back to painting~ We’re soooo close to maxing the skill!!

Brighton! And right on the carpet too! *Sighs* I think he really wants to be the messmaker of this generation lol. There’s always one.

Arryn painted this Pop-art painting and I don’t think I’ve seen it before, but I love it lol! So we kept it and put it in one of the kids’ rooms.

More love for Ducky ❤ I’m trying to reduce the chances of ger running away again. Specially since she’s already an elder, she must leave her old years (days?) comfortable at home.

Kids back home~ If I remember correctly this was when Beau came home with raised grades to a A and gave us some very appreciated points! +5

This little kitchen nook is the favorite napping spot for the family actually, Caden uses it quite often, so I found it funny when I saw Brontë go straight for it too.

Speaking of Caden, he got a promotion today! To like .. level 4 lol but hey, promotions are promotions.

And now we go back to the eternal ‘will he paint??’ struggle lol remind me not to get my next spouse into this career, Kelly and Caden have proved it doesn’t pay off.

Lol I love that! ‘nap?’ why he sounds so worried? lol!

I know dogs can get hurt by basically anything, but still, get inside Ducky! That felt waaaay too close!

Just a shot of Beau being cute ❤ cute kids is definitely the one thing we succeded in this generation lol.

Wow, Caden is getting reaaaaally close to that skill! Fingers crossed that he max it!

Also cute club picture! The club thing was a really cool idea to help the family spend some time together.

Somehow I haven’t got the pop-up for Brontë deciding she likes Painting, but it sure looks like she does lol she has painted more in the last week than her dad in all his time here.

Arryn invited Metcalf lady over again, and this time she agreed to become her eight girlfriend! We’re almost done with the aspiration now!

And just after that last pic, Arryn also maxed Painting! Now we can finally inmortalize her!

Also not sure why the game just now counted the achievement… Thad did this too 🤔 oh well lol.

Arryn’s new girlfriend decided to hang around and clean our bathroom lol thanks lady, we can always use help with that.

Guys! Our TH has been inmortalized!! +5

Her painting didn’t came out as cool as Thad’s so maybe I’ll make her do another one later if we have the chance, but hey, it’s there!

And since we were completing goals and kollin’ it, another date for our main couple was in order~ let’s get those points!

And the points have been gotten~ +15 and an aspiration completed!

I think I said before that I was toying with the idea of giving Arryn Soulmate next, so I did that~

Since the first tier of both romance aspirations is the same she jumps straight to tier two, now I gotta have them become best friends to complete this, and then it’s gonna basically be a tooooon of dates lol. Like … a ton.

Oh! The lottery is back again! I don’t think we’ll win again at least for a couple generations, but I’ll still have Arryn buy ticket for fun.

Aparently our last cake was eaten even though it had candles on and now we can use it, si Arryn baked a new one for the twins. Then she decided that kneeling down on the floor was the perfecto way to put candles on it lol.

Wow! The kids really decided to surprise me! Thanks for that +5 Bax!

I think Beau got jealous about their brother’s success, because he entered the house and went straight to destroy Baxter’s unfinished project lol not sure why tho, Beau already had gotten us an A

See? This ia a pop-up that I can easily accept. Fitness stuff is not dangerous until they are elders lol. Go for it kid.

And then, it was birthday time for the twins! That’s two more down! Happy birthday guys! Please don’t have the fire-starting genes from your father!

And all grown up! We have Beau on the left, I think they have my favorite look of this generation so far, they look so cool! Beau is now a goofball,and they rolled the Cumputer whiz aspiration.

And on the right we have Baxter, who rolled the Insider trait and the Joke Star aspiration. I gotta admit I’m pretty curious about that one! I’ve never completed it before!

The twins are technically identical, and they definitely look a loooot like Caden, but I love how they still have a little something unique to them.

God, this generation is just full of good looking sims! Seriously I love these kids! I’m not jealous of you guys for having to choose the heir lol I do have my favorites, but it’s definitely not an easy choice even then.

… I gotta say I love the kids way more than their father right now, that’s for sure… Why Caden?!

-5 …we we’re doing so good this time!

Better distract ourselves with better things, like Beau being a great kid and starting a project.

Brontë is also being a great kid and cleaning up, I still think they’re trying to earn brownie points lol.

This thing really breaks too much!!! Even though we have two, it’s always this one!

I gotta repair it ASAP tho, don’t want the kids getting dumb ideas and getting themselves zapped to death now that they can.

You know? I just realized that Brighton is the only one that’s not gonna be a teen by the heirpoll time since he grows up two days after Brontë. That feels like kind of an unfair advantage for the older kids… But maybe I’m just overreacting lol I usually am.

Morgan is one of Arryn’s girlfriends and she’s been coming by a lot lately, so today she was used as our test subject for Arryn’s work task to makeover a sim.

This is actually a great idea. I adore Morgan, but her outfit is not really apropiate outside teenagdom lol.

I think she looks pretty cool! And that was definitely fun to do, I’ll have to keep experimenting with it!

Kids doing homework is always a sight for sore eyes ❤ Glad to know the math diagrams we painted are doing their jobs.

And then Brontë decides to try her hand at Wellness too! This girl’s gonna have a myriad of skills by the time she ages up lol.

And then, as I was just waiting for the notification for Arryn’s birthday…

Ducky’s time came! Nooooo!

She laid down right at the entrance because she and Arryn had just come back from their jog… I’m not ready, definitely, definitely not ready!

Grim, I currently don’t like you.

Grim: «Don’t shoot the messenger. You know it’s her time.»

I know … But my doggy 😭

Ducky was laid to rest next to Thad and Kelly. And as you can see, Brontë is already a victim of the mourning impulse… Can’t blame her, really.

*sighs* now, to play the final couple of hours before finishing this update.

Caden needs a shower, but why take one if you can get stuck in the eternal puddle mopping instead, right?

Also, I finally remembered to have these two become best friends! So that’s another mileston

So, we didn’t won the lottery this time, and neither did any of Arryn’s siblings lol I wanna keep track of how many times do we get it in this save now, so let’s see~

Arryn wanted to paint a sad painting, and she decided on this sad doggy one </3 you’re breaking my heart girl.

So, Arryn got promoted to level 10 in the Stylist career… but she stillhas promotion skills to go for some reason? Is this normal with this career? It’s my first time playing it lol.

Anyways, we’ll worry about that later or forget about it. Right now, it’s birthday time for our TH! Happy birthday Arryn!

No after shot because we know she looks mostly the same lol She’s still a stunning, scary woman.

Now, before finalizing the update, we have an important visit before finishing today. And yes, that’s the pet agency woman. This is exactly what you think!

Salem feels time: I was feeling specially sad about Ducky passing, I believe that it’s in big part because this is the first sim doggy that dies in my games since my own RL doggy Toby passed last september (he was 18 years old! My precious boy lived a long and happy life <3) and I’m still a little sensitive about it… So I said «what the hell?» And chose to adopt a second dog for Arryn and Caden since I can do it lol. I just wasn’t ready!

So yeah… Everbody meet Monkey! (get it? first Ducky and now Monkey lol). He’s Loyal, Smart and a Hunter, and is an adorable Dachshund. Let’s welcome him into the family!

While we finished the adoption progress kids came home and we got two more raised grades~ both Brontë and Brighton are around a week from growing up, so we could get more A points from them!

For now, we’re leaving today with this happy adoption picture! Look at how cute and happy Monkey looks ❤ not regretting this decision at all.

Next time: we keep working on Arryn’s new aspiration and hoping that Caden decides to paint some more lol also, probably playing until Brontë’s birthday so get ready for the heirpoll to come!

As always, take care, and happy simming!

Family Updates:

Bruno, Artemis’ oldest is now a teen~

And Archer’s girl Bianca is now a child! Not sure how much can you tell from this picture, but I think she has a lot of genes from her mom Alex, we’ll see as she grows up, I gotta admit I’m not the biggest fan of Alex Moyer lol.


Self Wetting : -5 (18)
Pass Out : -5 (25)
Failing School : -5
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs : -5
Accidental Deaths : -10
Fires : -10 (2)
Social Worker Visit : -15

Single Birth : +5 (4)
Twins : +10(2)
Triplets : +15
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): +5 (22)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) : +10 (5)
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers : +5 (5)
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members : +10
NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school : +5 (10)
Positive Character Value Traits Earned by NTHs : +5 (4)
Happy Toddler Trait Earned : +5 (5)
Top-Notch Toddler Trait Earned : +10
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen and YA/A/E) : +10
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : +10 (1)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : +10 (1)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : +20 (10)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : +5 (2)

Points so far: 320 (Finally back up!)

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