1.8 Well, I didn’t see that coming

Hi everybody! Time for another trip with the crazy King household!

Last time we had a pretty unfortunate chapter as the family apparently lost the ability to take care of themselves lol but, we survived! And we made it all the way to the twins’ teen birthday! I remember I didn’t let you meet them then, so we better start so you can finally give them a look!

Thad is working in his Flower arranging skill. I’m worried we’re not gonna get the skills for him to max his work before he has to pass down the torch, so time to get serious about it!

Kelly is being a boring good spouse and sleeping. Thanks for not losing us points Kelly.

The twins are still hanging out in the kitchen with Archer after the birthdays, so now I can officially introduce them to you! Artemis on the right of course, she got glasses when she grew up, I think they go great with her Computer whiz aspiration! And Alistair “Ali” on the right. I modeled them a little after a guy from my work who’s also NB, you’ll see more of their style once they show their everyday clothes!

And our last family member, Arryn, is following mom’s example and sleeping.

Fixing the cheap toilet again~ I swear Kelly cleaned it sometime in last chapter, but now is super dirty again lol so much for a family of Neat sims.

Apparently Ali turns blonde while he’s sleeping lol I was gonna fix it in CAS but turns out that is a problem with his CC hair, and at least it only happens when he’s sleeping so I can live with it.

Thad is taking a Citrus Soak to get focused before working on his garden. Trying to max the skill points he gets this chapter because we’re running out of time to complete his work and aspiration lol.

His work task for the day was to talk to a plant, so he’s having a little chat with our buddy cowplant here lol I think it’s adorable.

Some sims cry with the sad dog movie, but no Kelly. She cries with the college comedy for some reason lol!

Also I didn’t notice Thad walking by when I took the picture, he made it look a little creepy lol.

Cowplant buddy grew up!! I decided to name him Frank, so meet Frank!

He was named in this guy’s honor lol yup, I’m childish and I love Dinsey’s Cars honestly just the first and second ones thought.

Reading a gardening book to earn more skill while hanging out with his kids. Also for some reason Artemis is eating a spoiled salad… #Idiots.

This is what I call team effort! Thanks girls, I love you!

Artemis: “I thought I was and idiot!”

Well, you are, that doesn’t mean I can’t love you!

I swear these two we’re doing homework right before I took this picture! They just wanted to troll me!

Ali: “And we did great with it!”


This girl randomly came to knock at our door. And because she’s apparently a little Bjernsen, and I’m honestly in love with everyone in that family, I sent Thaddeus to let her in to see if she befriends somebody lol.

Archer: “Mom, can we get new toys?”

Kelly: “OMG! You’re so funny son! *Laughs her head off*”

Archer: “What? But I wasn’t being funny!”

Kelly: “I know, it’s just funny You think we have money for new toys! We still have the cheapest toilets and fridge!”

…I feel like she’s complaining to me, which makes sence because she’s materialistic lol. But hey, I have all my faith in Thad! Now that his flower arranging skill is getting better he probably will earn us some very much needed extra money!

so turns out the girl actually went to talk to our kids! Her name is Kori Bjernsen, and she hung around chatting with Ali and Arryn for a while.

When all your family is up and being social and you’re left out of it because you’re sleeping lol Thad is becoming me un this update.

now that Frank is all grown up the family is drawn to him like moths to the light, which is dangerous. My goal is to keep him out until the next TH takes over, so wish me luck so none of these idiots get themselves killed lol.

My mom made us pizza for lunch one day this week, and it made me finally remember there’s pizza in this game lol so Thad ordered pizza for dinner tonight.

Apparently it wasn’t good enough for the twins lol but the rest of the family enjoyed and the Kings had their first family dinner in like…forever lol.

I later noticed Archer was doing homework instead of eating, how weird this kids apparently don’t like pizza lol.

Arryn decides to get some brownie points by washing most of the dishes after dinner.

And then Artemis cleans the rest a little later. Artemis is a Neat sim so her Manners bar is always full, even if I always chose the option that lowers maners in her chance cards to work her other character values lol.

Arryn woke up in the middle of the night because it’s her turn to be a bear. Behold, the terrifying Avocado Bear!

This is Salem being and finding funny that our pizza was apparently made by the same woman who delivered it lol I think the pizza place is a little short on staff.

Artemis randomly decided that she’s too cool for school. So she stayed home today.

Artemis: “Ugh! Please, don’t ever use that phrase again.”

Artemis has also decided she’s too cool for Salem lol.

Did you stayed home just to break things and annoy me?

Thad: “Artemis? What are you doing here? Didn’t you have school?”

Artemis: “Well, there was nothing important to do today, so I decided to stay home so you have somebody yo chat with! I know you’re feeling a little lonely!”

Thad: “Oh! That’s so sweet of you honey!”

You know she’s totally just sweet talking you so you don’t ground her for missing school right? Right?!

He actually is feeling quite lonely by the way. He’s Outgoing so his social goes down way too fast and I’ve had him working a little too hard lol.

Bills came in, and we can afford them inmediatly! This is a historical moment for the King household!

All thanks to Thad’s flower arrangements! I love this skill honestly, it’s super lucrative and the arrangements are really pretty! The only downside is that it takes forever to level up!

Artemis at least uses her extra time at home to do her homework. Which in my opinion kinda defeats the purpose of staying home from school, but whatever, maybe she will still have a shot for a high school A.

Did you just stayed home to be eaten by our cowplant or something?

Artemis: “Relax, we’re just playing! I need something fun to do around the house!”

… She’s probably right about this honestly. I haven’t bought make activity things for the teens to do.

So I spent some of our money un getting a chess table and also a console. Maybe I can get Thad to convince the kids to skill without having to resort to the “influence to…” Interaction. So far is the self-impossed rule that I kinda regret the most lol.

I later re-read my first chapter and notice I only said I wasn’t going to use the “influence to do homework” so I wonder if I should use the other options lol.

The other kids are back from school and Arryn brought us an A! +5

See Artemis? That could be you if you went to school!

Artemis: “No thanks, I already brought you an elementary school A if you remember.”

… You’re the worst.

And my skilling plan is working! I love that I just has to tell Artemis to play chess with das, then I cancelled the action and she still did it! So then I could focus on Ali.

As a funfact, by the end of this day Artemis actually made it to level 3 Logic, while Ali is still level 1 Videogaming, even if the focusing decor in the living room was helping him lol. I guess Artemis wanted to get back in my good side.

Those are not your beds kids… But I’m happy you found sewhere to nap instead of passing out.

speaking about napping instead of passing out, I’m impressed by Kelly’s nap game. She came home with red energy, I literally saw her energy failure counting get to 0 and was following her around to catch the pass out…but she made it to the couch and napped instead! This is the opposite to that annoying “getting in the bed and then waking up to pass out” thing!

Kelly’s birthday is getting very close, so I used her free action which I always forget about lol seriously always, I blame the drifter challenge to have her make a painting and see if she finally gets level 5 painting for her next promotion. She’s deffinitely not topping her career, but I still want to try to get her as far as posible.

*facepalms* well, it was a matter of time. Ali is the first one to take a trip to the insides of our cowplant. Thankfully it was just the first time so Frank spitted him out.

I gotta lose hope with Kelly and promotions lol she didn’t even finished the painting I told her to do.

Arryn and Archer decided to follow their sister’s footsteps and live their childhood only on naps. This is extremely annoying.

On happier news, Ali looks súper good with a ponytail! I think this is my favorite of their outfits.

Arryn is always sad because she isn’t in her bear form, but she just won’t change into it, and I know is just her, Awstin in my name game had no problem changing autonomously.

Another day, another gardening shot for Thad…

Archer decides the overflowing, dirty bathroom is the perfect place to play with his superhero toy. I highly question that thought process.

Kori came home with Arryn today! She seems to really like Ali so far, maybe she has one of those childhood crushes on her friend’s older sibling.

This is a better place to play with your toy Archer, I’m very proud of you.

Alistair King get back into the house before that thing eats you again!

Ali: “Oh wow, you know it’s serious because she went for the full name! Relax, he’s not hungry!”


Ali finally made it back into the house, right as Archer was sitting down with a bowl of spoiled gumbo. There’re plenty of fresh food in the fridge Archer!

Archer: “Yeah, but not gumbo and I was craving gumbo!”

Yeah, and now you’re gonna be craving some stomach medicine for eating that!

Time for Kelly’s birthday! She’s finally an adult! Congrats Kelly!

She and Thad celebrate with some birthday woohoo. In part because Thad’s social skill was a little low.

Now let’s pray for no surprise pregnancies! So far we’ve been lucky, but it won’t last forever, I know it lol.

Arryn put an “Ali” and did the things where they bath before using the toilet… -5

Ali: “Are you really gonna call that with my name from now on?!”

Well, you did it twice kid, it’s like your signature point loss now!

With things the way they are so far, Artemis is still my best bet for a high school A. I have faith put on her and I know she’s probably gonna crush it lol.

Thad is starting to make Masterpieces and that is some good money! Just this one sold for $800!

today these two were tbe ones who decided not go to school…I have no words.

And then I almost chocked when I got the notification of the Rosebud achivement being completed, and bam! There it was. Lottery day had passed and honestly I didn’t even mentioned it because there was no case lol if the Svartulvs hadn’t win being almost always 8 sims, of course Thad couldn’t do it either! Welcome to another episode of “the universe proving Salem wrong and laughing on her face” lol.

So yeah, I asked Lynnwood about the lottery and apparently the prize is totally legal! So congrats to Thad for becoming a millionaire lol. Also, 1,000,000 simoleons mean +200 points! Looks like we finally made it past 100 as I was hoping lol!

Lmao! I love you Zoey, please never change! Lol. I think this call was my favorite part from winning the lottery.

Ali started pulling out spoiled dishes and setting them on the half-wall. I wonder if they’re trying to tell me to clean the fridge lol.

And then they decided to get out a third plate of spoiled food …and ate it. I guess they’re just dumb lol.

Ali: “Hey!”

I got the notification that Archer is now going throught the “rebellious phase”. Just look at that bad boy playing with his dolls, he’s the personification of rebellion itself lol.

Poor Artemis had a rough day at school and came home mortified.

She was feeling so low that she didn’t want to sleep alone, so she went to take a nap next to her dad, that’s so cute!

Aaaand Archer goes back to tbe spoiled food. After this I did end up cleaning the fridge lol hopefully it helps my sims to find the fresh food again.

Since we noe have more than enough money, I did some upgrades to the house. We’re probably moving once this generation ends, I’m thinking Newcrest, it’s been a while since I lived un Newcrest, but for now I wanted them to feel more comfortable.

So, now we own two unbreakable toilets, an unbreakable pc, better beds, sinks and tv! Funnily enough, I totally forgot to upgrade the kitchen, so we still own the cheapest counters and fridge aviable lol!

But I also bought a bunch of random art and with that we finally made it pass Kelly’s first aspiration tier! +5! Now we need landscaping… Yikes.

Seriously Artemis? You too?!

Thankfully this doesn’t cost us points. Though that would be kinda interesting lol “Get a cowplant on your lot, -5 points every time a sim gets eaten and gets the drained moodlet, and -25 if the cowplant dies” lol.

Apparently Artemis was still mortified when she was estén. Also, am I the only one dissspointed with the fact the embarrassed scence is purplish-gray instead of yellow? So boring!

Artemis and Arryn went home today… And then came back five minutes later… Thanks girls.

There goes my hope for Artemis getting an A.

Okeeeey I’m actually mad about this! Thad’s energy was orange! Orange, not red! He shouldn’t have passed out on me!

Then I just felt like:

Lol -5

Arryn has improved her relationship with Blarffy since she was a toddler, I’m very proud of her lol.

Can we talk about Thad getting go level 9 cooking skill by making a plate of grilled cheese? Lol It’s such a complex recipe!

Apparently, hanging out by our cowplant while it’s raining is what all the cool kids are doing now.

Ali: “We don’t want Frank yo feel left out of the family!”

Ali, please, leave Frank out of the family if it means you’re not around him! Please!

Our new, better stereo is very loved by the family. There’s always somebody dancing here. Hopefully someone gets the dancing skill maxed out!

So, if You remember, Archer is Outgoing, which means his social need goes down faster than usual, and that makes him sad because he’s lonely. I feel Bad for him because he’s adorable, bit at the same time, keep it together kid! You’re totally free to interact with your family and You’re the one who’s avoiding it!

Apparently, that tiny roof that comes out the side of the house is enough for the easel to be considered covered, so Thad can paint while ir rains without getting the soaked moodlet! Good to know.

And with this awesome picture of a cowplant, Thad finally got the necessary skill to be inmortalized! We’re gonna be working on that soon.

Also I’m keeping that painting because I love it lol.

Before painting however, Thad has some reading to do. I wanna see if reading the Flower arranging books is a better option than working on the bench, but nope, I think I’ll stick with making arrangements.

Ali, please don’t look so proud of yourself for coming back from playing with Frank AT 3 AM WHILE IT’S RAINING OUTSIDE!

So… Kelly had this whim to volunteer with the family, and since ir was the middle of the night and it was the weekend, O decided to let them go.

Ali: “So this is something we can do at 3 AM while is raining?”

… I don’t like your tone!

Ali: “You don’t like that I’m right!”


After they came back ( yeah I had them go without Thad lol he needed sleep)Thad and Archer finally had some time to sir together and talk. Maybe now Archer won’t be so sad all the time.

Artemis is following her mother’s footsteps, She’s been trolling da forums so much that her skill is now level 2 lol.

Ali on the other hand, still don’t understand that doing homework isn’t gonna take them far if they don’t start skilling too.

My game has been a little slow lately (I think my laptop needs cleaning, but with the contingence the tecno plaza I usually take it to is closed, so we’ll have to survive) and it makes it for some funny pics like Thad taking a bath in his pyjamas.

Thad: “Well, this way I don’t have to worry if somebody comes in, okay?”

… That almost makes sence, I don’t know if I should be worried lol.

Seriously Arryn?! Ugh, at least there will be no more of these after today from her, her birthday is in just a couple hours.

Oh… Well, she cleaned right after si I Guess not so bad?

Arryn: “Sorry, just wanted to try it one last time before I become a teenager!”

…I guess I can’t be mad at that.

Kelly’s nap game finally lacked lol oh well, -5.

Also Arryn, that looks painful!

And with the help of a mirror and a sketchpad (Thanks Ciyrose for the tip!) our Torch holder has been inmortalized! +5

Right in time for Arryn’s birthday! Happy birthday Arryn~

And here is she after her make over! Isn’t she pretty? And yes, She’s eating birthday cake…but I can’t really blame her this time, Kelly was the rude one who took a piece out before Thad could put back the candles.

Kelly: “Don’t act like you weren’t thinking about making a new cake before I did it!”

…Well yeah, I was. The coconut cake is si white and I get bored easily… But still! I hadn’t decided!

Kelly: “Well, I just made the decision easy for you!”

… Thanks, I guess?

Well, Kelly being cocky and cake debacle aside, Arryn got the Outgoing trait and the Serial romantic aspiration, she looks interesting so far in the personality department.

And I think this is where we are stopping for today! Next chapter Archer should be joining his siblings in teenhood, and with that we’re finally gonna be ready for our first heir poll in this challenge! I’m excited, and a little scared lol none of this children look too willing to take charge of the legacy, and none of them seem to be exactly trustworthy, but oh well, I guess it’s part of the fun lol!

So, I guess this is where I’m leaving you today! I hope you’re all being safe and not getting too crazy by being home! See you soon guys!


Self Wetting : -5 (5)
Pass Out : -5 (10)
Failing School : -5
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs : -5**
Accidental Deaths : -10
Fires : -10
Social Worker Visit : -15

Single Birth : +5 (2)
Twins : +10 (1)
Triplets : +15
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): +5 (4)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) : +10
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers : +5 (4)
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members : +10
NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school : +5 (3)
Positive Character Value Traits Earned by NTHs : +5
Happy Toddler Trait Earned : +5 (4)
Top-Notch Toddler Trait Earned : +10
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen and YA/A/E) : +10
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : +10
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : +10
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : +20 (10)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : +5  (1)

Points so far: 225 lol! all our point loses and wins cancelled eachother, except for the lottery ones!

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