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1.4 Points up, points down

I’m finally back for the next chapter! Anyone is excited about it? No? Yeah its honestly understandable, I’m sorry for the big hiatus between updates xD real life stuff always gets between you and your simming obsession.

But anyway, lets make a quick family check before starting!

Our founder Thad and his wife Kelly are waiting outside the house because they just came back from the hospital~

Yeah, I know there’s no family to check into in this pick, but while I was searching for the twins I saw the disaster that this room is and just… I feel sorry for this poor house lol.

Also raise your hand if you’re happy mess making doesn’t lose you points in this challenge! *raises hers*

And here are our little troublemakers! Alistair just woke up and Alaric is looking for the potty, that’s a good boy!

And here’s the newest addition to the family, little Arryn! Who as you can see, is in desperate need for some food, so Thad better hurries up on that!

… And as soon as we unpaused the game, Alistair went back to his thing… I want him to be a teen already.

Thankfully, after dealing with Arryn and taking a power nap, Thaddeus distracted his terror child with some learning~ I’m still determined with the happy toddler thing!

Kelly is gardening…on her own! I love you Kelly! I knew you were the right choice as a spouse!!

It’s really perfect because Thad still has his hands full with all the kiddos, I’m pretty sure our garden is gonna die sooner or later at this pace lol.

Also, it’s worthy to make it known that all these pictures have been just a couple hours in game xDArryn was born on the morning of Love day, and is now around sunset of the same day, so I decided to squish a couple love day stuff since both Thad and Kelly seemed to be in a good mood.

Thad gave her a flowers, and she actually liked it! Not like the carrot last chapter *still salty*

And they decided to go on a date to the Winderburgh Discotheque! It’s one of my favorite date destinations for some reason, I just think it works! And also it has a closet downstairs for woohoo purposes lol.

Look, it’s Nina! In this alternate universe she’s still young and single~ And god I really miss her!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Nina was my founder’s spouse on my Name Game! And still one of my favorite sims ever xD she was awesome.

The date went great! And it was really good to have a couple hours far from the kids lol.

Like really, really good!

Really! xD

Yup, we’re woohooing on the closet~ we’re actually trying for a baby! Because I really like to suffer!

And since the restroom was right next to the closet, Kelly took a pregnancy test right away! We’re expecting~!

And as you can see, Thad is really happy with the news! Which considering he already has three kids he can barely take care of, makes me a little worried about his sanity lol he’s the torch holder, he should be the sane one!

But anyway, with the date over it was back to the house and to taking care of the little ones. I love this pic, Thad looks so happy! I believe he’s a secret family sim xD most of my sims don’t look so happy while taking care of their kids lol.

When you’re so desperate for some alone time that you go take breakfast by your garden, but your kids still find you #ParentingIsHard lol

I bought Thad a flower arranging bench! I’m hoping it bring us some extra money, and also he’s gonna need it for his career! I haven’t played with that ability so far and I’m curious!

Alistair decided to go behind the house to make kis newest art piece, but he can’t hide for me!

I actually don’t believe he was hidding, he probably just ran out of space inside the house *sighs*

Meanwhile Alaric is being a much better kid and putting himself to bed, I love you Alaric!

For some reason Thaddeus decided to make food from the outside of the kitchen… He’s a special guy for sure, he fits right in with the rest of these idiots lol.

Thad: «Hey!»

Whoops, sorry buddy, you’re the best!

See? He proves that he’s the best by teaching his kids all their skills~ we’re right on track for the happy toddler trait!

Branching promotion! thank god!

As I said before I haven’t played a lot with the new ability, so we’re going into the flower arranging branch!

Funfact, is currently 7 AM and his next shift is apparently at 8 AM… so yeah, he didn’t had enough time to read his garding book because he was busy with the kids, and his perfomance took a hit *heavy sigh* that’s plain unfair!

But there was nothing to do, so I’m just here enjoying one of the best moments of any ISBI: all the kids are sleeping, at the same time! Kelly is the only one awake but she’s at work, so this was an incredibly peaceful moment for us! I’m not even worried about the dirty dishes and messes!

Of course we had to go back to the TH duty in the end, but I think that was the best sleep Thad had gotten in a week lol

He even had enough energy to play a little with Alaric! The twins are close to their birthdays, but thankfully they’re also really close to level 3 skills!

And also for once this little guy wasn’t causing chaos around, I almost really like him right now…

And I deffinitely like him right now! Another potty trained toddler, and another +5 for us!

The boys birthday is gonna be soon thanks god! so I went ahead and made Thad bake them a cake, because I don’t wanna lose anytime to age them up once I can lol!

Also Thad is cooking from the wrong side of the counter again lol he’s doing it from the side that has a half wall.

Kelly is trying to be a better mom with Arryn… I think. But so far she only stands in front of her and shoosh her, preventing Thad from actually doing what she needs lol.

I feel Kelly is the embodiment of that «He’s a little confused, but he’s got the spirit!» meme right now lol.

The birthday is around the corner and Alaric already has all his needed skills, so for now we’re focusing on Alistair. First things first: get him happy!

And then teach him some flashcards to get his last skill (thinking) up!

Kelly gave up on being a better mom, she’s now back at trolling da forums lol.

I went into buld/buy mode a little while, and decided to get them the thermosthat because I don’t want to risk uncontrolables burning or freezing to death!

I also spent a little too much money on the money-making trash can, it’s an inversion!

And because I still haven’t gotten the inspiration flash to build a new house, the main goal was having another room added so Arryn has her space once she grows up! We had just gotten her notification!

So time to have another toddler around! She’s wild… I’m gonna pretend I’m not super scared about it lol

Here she is~ Looks like she got Thad’s eyes and hair color but with Kelly’s skintone, a pretty nice mix! She’s not getting her makeover right now because we’re just hours away from the twins birthday, so I’ll wait until them.

Also please melt with me over how cute the picture is! It kinda looks like Thad is giving her girl a kiss!

And we’re starting with her skilling right away! Alistair and Alaric were pretty good at the no-dirty-diapers thing, so I hope we can keep this up!

…Kelly, what are you doing?

Kelly: «Oh, you know! just looking for a good place to take a nap!»

And do you think inside the fridge is a good place for that?!

Kelly: «…Zzz…»

Yup, she passed out inside the fridge… -5

… Damn! The twins just needed to squeeze another pass out before going out of toddlerhood! -5

But anyway, we finally made it to the cake, happy birthday Alaric! +5 for happy toddler trait earned!

And then Alistair! +5 for another happy toddler!

So, funfact time: I like diversity in my games, so everytime a child is born, I roll 1d10 dice, and if the dice hits 10, then that kid is considered trans! And funnily enough, so far I hadn’t hit a 10 in my blog stuff until this exact family!

I was super excited when I saw Alaric’s 10, then I rolled for Alistair…and got another 10! Yup, two in a row. So then I rolled to see what kind of gender they would have, and Alaric got Transgender while Alistair got Non binary! that’s gonna be really cool!

For Alaric I decided to get her a new A name, so from now on she will be called Artemis Because honestly if I was a little girl who could chose her own name, the greek godess of nature and night would totally be on my top 3 options lol. As for Alistair, I decided to keep their original name, but I’ll probably mainly call them Ali, I feel like it gives a pretty cool unisex feeling!

And here are them for y’all to meet:

That’s Artemis with the glasses, she grew up with them! and as you can see, Ali’s first kid action was, of course, to pass out on me again! Thanks a lot kid. -5

Artemis: «Does that mean I’m still favorite?»

…Well actually…

…So far that title goes to this little girl who finally got her makeover! She looks adorable, and she’s being a better kid than her siblings and doing some skilling instead of passing out on me! You’re the best Arryn.

Ali: «Leave me…alone…zzzz…»

… And we’re stopping this update right here, because I’m gonna stranggle Ali otherwise. Here’s to hoping next chapter they win us back some points to redeem themselves!

Oh yeah, and before I forget: Artemis got the Neat trait with the Rambunctious scamp aspiration, and Ali has the artistic prodigy aspiration and the Insider trait. I don’t believe we’re gonna be able to do much wth that but I mean, hope is the last thing to lose lol.

I hope you had a lot of fun with this chapter! Join us next time to meet the fourth, and probably last, baby of the generation, and hopefully to see us gain a couple more points, hopefully xD

See ya soon!


Self Wetting : -5
Pass Out : -5 (5) and all of them happened on the last pictures…yikes.
Failing School : -5
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs : -5**
Accidental Deaths : -10
Fires : -10
Social Worker Visit : -15

Single Birth : +5 (1)
Twins : +10 (1)
Triplets : +15
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): +5 (2)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) : +10
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers : +5 (3)
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members : +10
NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school : +5
Positive Character Value Traits Earned by NTHs : +5
Happy Toddler Trait Earned : +5 (2)
Top-Notch Toddler Trait Earned : +10
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen and YA/A/E) : +10
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : +10
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : +10
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : +20
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : +5 

Points so far: 20 (point fails and gains actually cancelled eachother out lol I guess that’s not so bad)

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning

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  1. Hi! I usually read all the way through before I start commenting- i worry people would think it’s weird to get a response to something they wrote years ago, lol- but I just wanted to say that the way you figure out if a character is trans is very cool! I might steal it for my own Sims stuff, lol.
    I also love this whole thing- Kelly’s been one of the best NTH spouses so far, even if she’s taking an extra cold ‘nap’ right now.

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